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We have been helping people transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping cannabinoids since we started. Saving lives has become our passion. Find everything you need to kick back & chill on those lazy dayz, locally owned and operated. We carry a huge variety of glass and smoking accessories. Find the perfect vape mod and juice flavors for your vibe. Load up on D8, Delta 10 and THCO. Keep it fresh with incense, apparel & more!

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Lazy Dayz, in Bargersville, IN, is the premier smoke shop serving Franklin, Columbus, Greenwood, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas since 2020. We offer the best prices on glass, E-juice, cigars, vapes, and novelty items. For more information, contact Lazy Dayz in Bargersville.

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We are known around Greenwood and Bargersville for having a massive variety of Delta 8 products and brands. Lazy Dayz carries hundreds of collaborative smoking devices like grinders, papers, wraps, rolling trays and incognito stash containers.

Our collection of available Sherlock Pipes, Steamrollers, Glass / Silicone Pipes & Blunts, Spoons, Chillums, Dugouts, and Pipes Under $25 will surely make your day. Check out our nearly endless displays of Dab Rigs, Hookahs, Bubblers, Gravity Pipes & MORE!

lazydayz_Our Product

Our Product

We offer the best prices on glass, E-juice, cigars, vapes, and novelty items. For more information, contact Lazy Dayz in Bargersville.


Water Pipes
Beaker Bongs
Percolator Bongs
Thick Glass Bongs
Ice Bongs


You don’t have to quit your smoking habit alone.


lazydayz_CBD and Delta Products

CBD and Delta Products

Reefer Madness!? Relax, it’s legal!

Mellow Fellow
Sidewaze Drink



It’s easier to chill when you’re cool and fresh.

Graphic T’s
Tie Dye

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Find the Highest Quality Delta 8 THC for Sale in Bargersville, IN

Delta 8 has grown in popularity to provide individuals with THC benefits without concerns about getting too high. At Lazy Dayz in Bargersville, IN, we recognize the beneficial properties of this THC form and offer quality products. Whether you’re looking for Delta 8 THC vape carts for sale or prefer Delta 8 THC pre-rolls, you’ll find a selection of products and flavors to satisfy your tastes. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer questions and help you decide which product you need.

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We’re constantly updating our Delta 8 THC for sale, giving our customers new products to try to find something that works for them. We encourage you to check back often to see what we offer for sale in our Bargersville, IN, store. Our hemp products are made from high-quality ingredients to ensure the best results with minimal risk of side effects. Our premier smoke shop aims to offer the best quality products to give our customers confidence in their purchases.

Delta 8 THC At the Best Prices

We proudly offer Delta 8 THC pre-rolls and Delta 8 THC vape carts for sale in Bargersville, IN, at the most reasonable prices, so you can try something new or buy your favorites without worrying about spending too much. Our low prices don’t indicate reduced quality; you’ll get the same high-quality products you would expect without the high price tag. We’re a leading seller of Delta 8 products designed to offer the fantastic benefits of THC without worrying about adverse effects.

Contact us today to learn more about the Delta 8 THC we offer for sale to find the ideal product to suit your needs.

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